Tibet Support Group

How can you help

So as you can see, anyone can actually help the Tibetan cause – either through sponsoring or part sponsoring. Tibet Support Group is also hugely aided by generous donations, which are quickly sent to India. Any size donation is gratefully received.

We have an annual fundraiser/bazaar, occasional flyers and occasional newsletter to keep sponsors up to date with Tibet Support Group news and upcoming events. Active members are always welcome to join us and assist us with the ongoing work required to build and consolidate our group.

We also have sponsors outside of Australia, so please contact us if you are interested in supporting Tibetan refugees in India.

We have also over the past decades become increasingly aware of the injustices faced by Tibetans within Tibet. It is for this reason we are now affiliated with the International Tibet Network https://tibetnetwork.org/ and encourage supporters to become members of The Australian Tibet Council. The reasons for this are outlined below. “Please take action wherever you come from. Your support for Tibet’s cause gives encouragement and moral support. A struggle which is strictly based on non-violence, like ours, should succeed.” His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Below are the key humanitarian and environmental violations occurring within Tibet