Tibet Support Group

Tibetans Seeking our assistance

We have regular requests for support. Many families flee Tibet to escape the restrictive conditions under Chinese occupation. Some are torture victims and family members of Tibetans who have spoken out and no longer feel safe in Tibet. Many are children and youth sent to India, so they can receive an academic and cultural education not available to them in Tibet. There are also now 2nd and 3rd generations of refugees, born in India. The parents of these children are required to pay school fees for them and receive no financial support for older family members.

There are many requests from families in India, who, being refugees, suffer great hardships, often supporting older family members and siblings on small wages and who simply want better opportunities for their children. Our contacts along with individuals send us letters and photos of those needing support. We request they complete a questionnaire and provide us with a recommendation letter from their Village leader through their local Tibet Welfare Office.

Some Tibetans also suffer from Tuberculosis or Hepatitis B. Sponsorship money allows families to buy better food and medicines and get the medical treatment they need.